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Best Way To Cover Gray Hair


 Tucson, Arizona Hair Salon    

The best way to cover gray hair: You can't stop gray hair but ...
from using highlights to cover gray hair to full gray hair coverage with just a touch of gray, to gray blending you too can find your personal best way to cover gray hair.

The best way to cover gray hair is really asking "What is the best way to fool the eye of the person looking at me so I look better?"
Knowing this we have several choices that depend on how much gray, where it is located, how often you are willing to visit your hair salon and how natural you want you hair to look. This brings us to the "cover gray stick" or explanation that follows.

To fool the eye there are several choices and considerations to make gray hair cover natural looking  before "jumping in":

  1. using highlights to cover gray hair: this lightens some gray and some NOT gray hair so the gray blends in with the highlights -- "I needed to brighten up my look anyway." Is frequently heard because gray hair has an "ash" tone that changes the complexion.

  2. using LOW lights to cover gray hair
  3. : Low-Lights are like highlights only "coloring darker." Low lights are often overlooked" by the beginning colorist. Here we use the same procedures as we do for highlighting but instead of making the hair lighter we match your hair color or even use a darker color so your hair color becomes the highlight!

  4. cover all the gray
    • using fashion colors

    • Fashion color are just that - colors added because they are in fashion and because you like the look that you get with the color!
      They can be:
      • temporary: using the new Framesi Eclectics demi-permanent hair color
                         (comes out in about 6 weeks) OR
      • permanent: using Fram Futura
                         (for maximum gray coverage) OR
      • Permanent: using Framesi 2001 Colors
                         (around 85% gray coverage but putting  more shine in your hair).
    • using natural color

    • Hair color, that matches your natural color, is used to cover your gray hair because you just want to look like the younger you, without the gray.
  5. how to disguise the gray between hair colors (so you can go longer between touch-ups)
    • Leaving out part of the hairline
    • Use your hair cut and style to hide the new growth gray
    • best way to cover gray roots at home

best way to cover grey hair: What is the
best hair color to cover brunette and 50% gray hair?

Let's start in the middle and ask what is the best hair color -- to cover a brunette hair color with 50% gray hair?
We picked this situation to talk about because you can either:

  1. add highlight: add a lighter color to blend the grey hiding it from you eyes .. or
  2. add low light: add a darker color to cover part of the gray effectively making you look like you did 10 years ago when you first noticed the gray
We picked highlight or low-light options because this is where most of the people start. With LOW-lights or highlights, you can got 1 or 2 hair cuts before re-coloring at the salon. When you cover 100% of the gray you see the gray roots coming back in and usually have to do a root color every 4 weeks. The highlight or low-light option reduces the time it takes to apply and process the color because you only do it every 8 to 12 weeks.

Highlights also has a hidden advantage for the ladies! Many women choose to add highlights because of FASHION. I want to be blond because blond is IN, or I'm hot and I want to have fun,  attract a mate or just be hotter! That is to say they see want to be BLONDer for whatever reason. When you blend gray with highlights you fit right in with the fashion crowd who just wants to have more BLOND! What a great disguise! Or is it? If you don't tell not even your hair dresser knows.

salon hair products for roots:
Sometimes it becomes important to cover our gray hair between salon visits. In this case the best way to cover gray hair is is called Color Mark.  To order & pick up  see Top Bananan Take-Out

Color Mark: Cover Gray Roots Fast! Color Mark: a true temporary liquid gray hair cover up that won't drip or run in a professional formula with a precise soft-tip applicator.

Good when you can't get to see your colorist & are going someplace special:

  • Take it on vacation
  • use as Emergency Hair Colors along parts and hairlines
  • do Emergency Touch-Ups when you can't get to see your colorist
  • Guys can use it to cover grey in their beards and mustaches

cover gray beard:
Well men, it is never easy so you should know that the color we use on your hair in the salon will NOT be the same color we use on your mustache or beard. Beard and hair mustache is just different. Plus there is an additional problem.  The new growth becomes visible as fast as the beard or mustache grows. This requires almost daily re application of color. When you have facial hair colored in the the salon the best way to cover gray hair daily is Color Mark for your beard or mustache.

best way to cover gray hair for men :
Men are a little more stoic about covering their gray hair. When they first see the gray they say "It doesn't bother me." Which it doesn't until it gets a little heavier. When a little more gray arrives then the men start thinking about fixing the problem which includes:

  1. No tell tale Orange highlights -- and
  2. No roots
  3. Easy to live with between colors
With Framesi Mix Color (deposit only means no lift and no tell tale orange color) and with careful application all of this can be done leaving only a touch of gray at the temples. The Mans shop at Top Banana has been doing this for years. Men really like it. The ladies do too.

You can also use the demi-permanent (temporary color): using the new Framesi Eclectics  hair color  (comes out in about 6 weeks) but covers the grey to see if you like it.

"mistakes" when covering gray

  • going too light:
    Hair color works on the level system. Level 1 = black and has about 150 units of color (think of it as ping pong balls inside the hair). Level 8 = the lightest blond you can get and still cover gray (about 10 ping pong balls inside the hair). Trying to go to a  lighter blond will not cover the gray. It can be done but your hair will need to be bleached to remove color and toned to get the shade you want.
  • going too dark:
    As we age our complexion lightens. Covering Gray with a black or very dark brown color no longer fits with our skin tones and looks fake.
  • going blonder and blonder or darker and darker:
    When using Low Lights or highlights the beginning colorist seems to want to continue to color you hair from scalp to ends. This is the mistake. they have not been trained to ask "Do you like the amount of highlights (or LOW Lights) you have?" When you have the desired amount of lightness or darkness so you are in balance with the gray and you like what you see the colorist must not apply color from scalp to ends but rather just to the roots. It's that simple, now that you know just avoid this common problem.

Make NO mistake
If your hair stylist hasn't been talking to you about all of this you should be coming to us.
A Top Banana Hair Salon, is the best way to cover gray hair in Tucson. 520-326-8137
We appreciate your time, your business and your hair.  

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Best Way To Cover Gray Hair

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