Keratin Complex Instructions

Color Before treatment or 2- weeks (14 days) after treatment
new - When color is being done on the same day as a treatment
always remove color with regular shampoo -- then proceed with clarifying shampoo

Shake bottle well.
pour 2-3 ounces of the solution into bowl
let set for 20 minutes while you client shampooed with clarifying shampoo

Wash hair with Keratin Complex Clarifying Shampoo;  when Treating the hair the  same day  right after a hair color

 2 shampoos for chemically treated hair,
(bleach blonds -double processed - 70% highlights or chemically treated hair)

      (ok to color the same day when doing)
  • permanent color
  • permanent highlights


                    3 shampoos for - virgin, coarse, resistant or gray hair Shampooing When color has been applied prior to the keratin treatment
  1. remove color first with regular shampoo then
  2. shampoo one more time with Keratin complex Clarifying Shampoo
  • It is recommended to leave 50% of the lather behind during the shampooing process.
  • Do Not completely rinse the lather from the hair between shampoos.
  • Instead continue by adding more shampoo each time.
Toners and/or Demi-Permanent Colors should be done 3 to 5 days after the Coppola Keratin Complex Hair Therapy Treatment.

It is recommended to leave 50% of the lather behind during the shampooing process. Do Not completely rinse the lather from the hair between shampoos. Instead continue by adding more shampoo each time.

Completely rinse after final shampoo.        
Gently shampoo, then towel dry.

Using medium heat setting, blow dry to 100% dry.

You are now ready to apply the Keratin Complex Hair Therapy System,
Section hair Into four parts.
Latex Gloves should be worn during this
Starting at the nape section, part the hair into 1/2" to to 1" sections.
Using a tint brush, stat applying the solution from scalp to hair ends.
Comb through hair with a fine tooth resistant comb, insuring that the solution is evenly distributed.
Repeat this until the entire head is complete.

Note: It is extremely Important that the entire head is completely covered with the solution and that the solution is evenly distributed throughout the hair before proceeding to the next step.

comb through - using a fine toothed comb - a very little bit should push in front of comb

Saturated but not damming up ahead of comb teeth when combing through

However the hair should not be oversaturated over-saturated and any excess solution should be combed out of the hair.

Place plastic cap over hair. This allows the hair to remain moist and the treatment to penetrate the hair cuticle,
The solution must remain in the hair for 20 minutes before drying. Do not wash the solution out of the hair.

Note: No heat is required just 20 to30 minutes covered with a plastic cap to retain body heat
Note: Time left in hair is very important It must remain in the hair for no less than twenty minutes (thirty minutes for resistant hair).
For hair that Is very resistant, let sit for twenty to  thirty minuets

Remove cap,
Comb out any excess product using a fine tooth comb - wipe excess from comb into bowl or on to a towl,
Blow Dry hair Using a medium/hot setting  heat setting, blow dry with wide paddle brush or vent brush to 100% dry.

Iron Temperature should be adjusted to fit with individual client hair type - flat ironis extremely hot and can cause damage
For color treated, chemically processed or highlighted hair, use 380 to 410 to 430, with 7-10 passes
For coarse or resistant hair set iron 430 - 450, with 10-12 passes
For damaged ends - If the ends of the hair are severely damaged, or split, go over the end area FEWER TIMES to prevent further damage

Be kind to your hair - the more damaged it was to begin with  the more improvement you will see with the treatment however - the more damaged you hair is to begin with the lower you need to set the temperature on your flat iron.




severe damage            380 to  410          193 to 210
medium damage                  430                221
no damage                  450                232

You are now at the most Important phase of the therapy system
Replace client's towel with a fresh, dry towel,
Using a heat resistant comb, part the hair into four sections,
Starting at the nape, using 1/8" sections, move the iron slowly from scalp to hair ends. assuring that the ends are smooth  & straight.
Go over each section 7-10- 13-2 passes as listed above by hair type, sealing the keratin into the cuticle.

- old direction said  - now see newer chart above When working with chemically treated, over highlighted and fine hair, you can lower the temperature to 430, passing over the ends only 5-6 times.

Be careful not to burn the scalp with flat Iron.
" Repeat this method with all remaining sections of the hair,
Use your flat iron to style hair for height and shape in the direction that the client wears their hair.

" Finish styling using 1-2 drops of Natural Keratin Shine Serum..
    lightly through the hair. Go over with your paddle brush to finish

" Always complete your service with a light dusting (trim)

Do not wash hair for 3 days or 72 hours.
Avoid getting any moisture in the hair,
If hair gets wet - dry immediately and goover lightly with a flat ironon low heat setting

Wear hair down and straight ror 72 hours. Do NOT use pins, clips, pony til holders or sunglasses to hold hair back.

Wash hair only with Keratin Complex Natural Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner.
Prior to swimming in the ocean or chlorinated pool, wet hair thoroughly and apply Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner to protect hair
rinse thoroughly with clean water, rinsing out the salt and/or chlorine - when don swimming.

Keratin Hair therapy is not damaged by water softeners using potassium or sodium salts to soften the water