stay & feel -4 -fall-winter-08-2009

Framcolor 2001 5W + 4W + Framcolor ADD chocolate
Framcolor 2001 6W + 7RN + Framcolor ADD cinnamon
Framcolor 2001 8G + 7RN + Framcolor ADD melon
Framcolor 2001 6SD + 6TRP
Create a zig zag parting from ear to ear passing below the occipital. Color the section below the parting with Framcolor 2001 5W + 4W + Framcolor ADD chocolate.
Isolate the crown area tracing a zig zag line.
Color the section below the crown area with Framcolor 2001 6W + 7RN + Framcolor ADD cinnamon.
On the top of the head create some horizontal zig zag partings and color alternatively with Framcolor 2001 8G + 7RN + Framcolor ADD melon
and Framcolor 2001 6SD + 6TRP.
This particularly attractive style is supported by permanent waving, with rollers 1/2 cm (1/4") in diameter. To achieve it, proceed as follows.  
1. Section off a front triangle between half
of each eyebrow and the vertex.
Do not wave the hair in this triangle.
2. Trace a line from ear to ear over the
occipital bone. Divide the lower sector in
the centre and in each half make some
1/2 cm (1/4") diagonal separations.
Wind the rollers downwards, placing them
in blocks parallel to the separations.
3. In the sector above the occipital bone,
trace some 2-3 cm (1") horizontal
separations and, starting from the bottom,
take up some very fine strands
3 mm (0.12") and wind them in a spiral
from the centre of the roller upwards.
4. At the vertex trace a central line of
approximately 5 cm (2") and wind two
rollers from the centre rightwards and two
rollers from the centre leftwards. These
strands too should be of 3 mm (0.12").
1. Section from the top of each ear
passing through the center juncture.
Section from the back of each ear passing
3 cm (1 1/4") above the occipital.
Create a center part on the top of the
2a - 2b - 2c. On the left mastoid take parting 1 cm (1/2") wide following the hairline (diagonal).
Point cut the hair to 2-3 cm (1") in length.
Working towards the center, cut each section in diagonal taking as a guide for length the previously cut section.
Repeat on the right side. Round the point created at the occipital.
3- Connect the above section to the occipital by point cutting
  • Comb the top section down,
  • Subdivide into diagonal subsections and
  • direct each subsection back to the  mastoids and
  • cut to below the chin.

Refine the perimeter

  • Create a triangle by sectioning from
  • the middle of each eyebrow arch and 
  • the vertex.
  • Point Ct this section